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Physical Refineries ( De-Acidification ) Plants

SPECTEC's new generation Physical Refinery Plants are ideal solution for minimizing processing cost & processing loss.
For high FFA oils such as Palm Oil & Rice Bran Oil this process is most common


Deodorizing is nothing but The DISTILLATION process. in which fatty acid is distilled from oil. Under high temperature condition and in presence of high vacuum, with the help of sparging & agitation steam. Further this fatty acid in vapors form, is condensed & recovered in liquid form by the vapors scrubbing system. De-waxed / Bleached oil from intermediate storage tank is pumped by to primary heating plate heat exchanger. which is used only in startup conditions. To heat the incoming cold de-waxed oil. Further it will be travel from oil to oil heat exchanger. Where de-waxed oil is getting heated by the outgoing hot refined oil. Then this oil is going to The PRE-HEATOR Via. Peripheral coils of the regenerative heat exchanger which is the bottom compartment of the multipurpose deodorizer. In regenerative heat exchanger de-waxed oil flows through the coils & refined oil flows through the open space of the exchanger. In counter current manner, continuous steam agitation at open steam side assures continuous and maximum heat exchange. After recovering maximum heat from the refined oil. Oil is further heated up to the required temperature , suitable for the deodorizing in final heater. this heater is equipped with agitation and sparging steam, continuous flow of superheated steam through this assures effective primary vaporization of fatty acid.

PHYSICAL DEODORIZING SECTION, DeAcidification,De-Acidification plants,acidification plants
PHYSICAL DEODORIZING SECTION, DeAcidification,De-Acidification plants,acidification plants

Further this overflows to the multi-compartment DEODORIZER. Deodorizer is multi-compartment vertical vessel, where each and every trays are specially designed which Ensures uniform distillation of odoriferous substances.Oil is overflows from tray to tray. Specially designed trays provide sufficient mass transfer surface for effective removalof volatile matters. Flow control system at the outlet of the deodorizer, ensures the maintenance of required level at the bottom tray. The steam used for stripping off volatile matters in the oil is distributed evenly and intensively the steam meets the deodorized oil. Stripped off the volatile matter and rises through the vacuum. Stripping the volatile matter from the oil. The counter-current flow of steam and oil like this in specially designed trays lower steam consumption, than the conventional deodorizers. The deodorized oil leaving regenerative heat exchanger and finally cooled by water in heat exchanger finally this oil is passed through the alternatively operating set of polishing filters.


The volatile matters consisting of free fatty acid and other odoriferous substances stripped from the deodorizer are led to the vapor scrubber located at the outside of the deodorizing column. In the scrubber volatile material rises through the bed of pall rings and meets liquid fatty acid sprayed from the top. vapors are condensed, cooled, and then recalculated to condensed fresh vapors. Excess distillate collected is led to the storage tank, whenever high level reached in storage space below the scrubber. Fatty acid scrubber is specially designed for minimum carryover of fatty materials, to the vacuum system.

VAPOUR SCRUBBING, DeAcidification,De-Acidification plants,acidification plants
VAPOUR SCRUBBING, DeAcidification,De-Acidification plants,acidification plants