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Lecithin Plants


SPECTECs lecithine manufacture ring the de-hydration of wet gums obtained from the soyabean oil. In this process moisture from the wet gums is evaporated & the resultant product is cooled in order to receive dry lecithine. It's a is a natural ingredient, filled with a range of stabilizers, emulsifiers and release agents. They have a number of uses in the pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry applications. Its hydrophobic/hydrophilic character makes it an ideal food emulsifier.

We are experts in manufacturing high performance Lecithin Plants for dehydration of wet gums from soybean. Our plants feature unique design which makes the drying process of the feed gentle without any burn. The soybeans are conveyed in the plant, where screening and cracking to appropriate dimensions are conducted. Beans, in the plant pass through solid fractions developing a bow wave ahead of each blade. Our Lecithin Plant requires can be easily easy cleaning and requires minimum maintenance.


  • High Flow Rate.
  • Continuous Operation.
  • Low Energy Consumption.
  • Technology Based Solvent Extraction Process.
  • Low Power Consumption.
  • Low Oil Residue In Extracted Meal.