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Hydrogenation & Vanaspati Plants

All the solid ingredients packed in bags for feed production would be received in plant by road. Their materials will be store in store godown. According to requirement these material will be dumped manually in dumping hopper and conveyed to the pre-cleaner through the mechanical conveyor system.

Hydrogenation,Hydrogenation Plant,Vanaspati Plants

Hydrogenator Design and Control

The use of hydrogen requires precautions against creating an explosive mix of hydrogen and air. Typically, a hydrogenation vessel undergoes a pressure test followed by several nitrogen purges before hydrogen is introduced. Similarly, at the end of the reaction process, the vessel is purged with nitrogen in order to leave it in a safe condition. Normally, a hardwired safety system confirms the pressure test and nitrogen purge phases before allowing the hydrogen line to be opened. Hydrogenation requires high pressures to be maintained in the reaction vessel - giving problems over maintaining seals around agitators which in some cases require additional seal integrity checks or upgrades to incorporate magnetic coupling systems.

Hydrogenation also tends to be a highly exothermic reaction, resulting in demanding temperature control requirements.

A control system must therefore provide flexibility in the way in which accurate and repeatable control of the hydrogenation environment is achieved and will include the following features:

  • Sequential control for vessel pressure testing, purging and hydrogen    addition.
  • Precise loop control for temperature and pressure.
  • Secure collection of on-line data from the hydrogenation process for    analysis and evidence.
  • Local operator display with clear graphics and controlled access to    parameters.
Hydrogenation,Hydrogenation Plant,Vanaspati Plants


Spectec offers a wide range of vanaspati manufacturing plants.

Vanaspati process was developed & introduced as an best cheaper option for ghee. Which involves fully or partial hydrogenation process. In this process raw material goes through the various process, following fig. shows the typical flow dig. Of the same.

Vanaspati is the right replacement for those sections of society who cant afford hard fat diet in terms of nutrition also it protects them against oxidative rancidity of oil.

Hydrogenation,Hydrogenation Plant,Vanaspati Plants